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I work with clients who may have had traumatic experiences, such as around domestic violence, extreme porn addiction of a loved one, infidelity, and loss, as well as clients who have not had those experiences. These issues are not my main message, but they are certainly a piece of my message for appropriate audiences and clients.

I am not a therapist. For trauma, crisis, and other serious issues, please seek help from a professional counselor or therapist prior to our working together (or simultaneously, as is feasible on a case-by-case basis).

Note that I discuss sensitive issues under "The eX-Files" category of my blog and there may be triggers therein.

I have great compassion for those suffering, and having experienced some of that myself, I understand many of the complex feelings and factors that come with domestic violence, extreme porn addiction of a loved one, and infidelity.

I am an empowerment coach, and I work with clients whothere is a delicate balance between understanding where a client is coming from, and guiding them to where they want to be in moving forward with their lives. I take a no-excuses approach that centers on loving and taking care of ourselves first, as well as taking personal responsibility for our experiences, thus empowering us to be true creators in our lives, as is our divine gift. In no way does this downplay the real effects of the actions of others. It does, however, empower an individual to move forward and create new and better experiences for themselves.

In addition, I may speak on health-related topics. I am not a doctor. Please consult your doctor when considering choices regarding health, nutrition, diet, and exercise.

Lastly, I cannot guarantee your specific results. Your life is your responsibility. I will do my best to accurately describe each offering, and I will teach, guide, and support you as agreed in any program or coaching contract (mindset, universal law, accountability, practical action steps, etc.), with a focus on helping you achieve the results you want. You agree that what you do with that teaching, guidance, and support is your responsibility, as are your results.